2019 WIMS Awards

WIMS Travel Awards
Three travel award winners attended the AAMC Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar this past spring and summer.  This travel award was awarded to a male or female faculty member who serves as a mentor and role model for the UK COM women.  The Early Career recipient went to Dr. Sara Police, assistant professor of pharmacology and nutritional sciences.  The Mid-Career recipients were Dr. April Richardson-Hatcher, special title faculty in neuroscience, and Dr. Amy Hessler, associate professor of neurology. 

WIMS Day Awards Nominees

We received over 30 nominations this year!

WIMS Leadership Award: Dr. Daret St. Clair
This award acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of female faculty in the UK College of Medicine. 
Dr. Daret St. Clair is a Professor of Toxicology and Cancer Biology and serves as the James Graham Brown Foundation Endowed Chair for the department. She serves as the Associate Director for Basic Research of Markey Cancer Center. She is a Fellow of the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine and has given nearly 100 invited research presentations worldwide and published over 200 manuscripts. She has served on multiple advisory boards including with the NIH, MD Anderson, and other universities. Dr. Christine Brainson writes, Dr. St. Clair is “highly regarded in her field and truly esteemed by her colleagues here at Markey Cancer Center. She is an excellent example of a leading woman in science. Due to Daret’s efforts, we now have a great group of young women faculty that will maintain our Department’s interest in training women scientific leaders for the future.”

WIMS Mentorship Award: Dr. Larry Goldstein
This award recognizes an outstanding male or female UK mentor who has helped UK College of Medicine Women in their careers.
Dr. Goldstein serves as the Chair of the Department of Neurology as well as the co-director of the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute. Lisa Koehl writes “Dr. Goldstein strives for greatness in each domain including clinical, teaching, and research and is thus able to guide his faculty in whichever endeavors are most strongly desired.” Lumy Sawaki writes, “In the era of the MeToo movement, many men in academia shy away from mentoring women.  In contrast, Dr. Goldstein has been very present, encouraging and steady in providing meaningful leadership to encourage women and faculty of underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.  He understands the common purpose; he breaks barriers for us; he is an exceptional communicator – and most importantly, he is an outstanding listener.”  

WIMS Rising Star (Medical and PhD students): Aria Byrd
This award recognizes and promotes the accomplishments of women who are still in training.  
Aria Byrd, Graduate Research Assistant in Toxicology and Cancer Biology. Aria is currently a trainee in the Brainson laboratory working to understand the epigenetic mechanisms that lead to COPD.  She has won several awards for her scientific work as well as the Lyman T. Jones Diversity Award.  She serves as the current External Affairs Officer for the UK Graduate Student Congress and president of the UK chapter of Black Graduate and Professional Student Association. Dr. Christine Brainson writes, “She is an exceptional student with extremely refined organizational skills, scientific curiosity and attention to detail. Aria’s contributions to the scientific community and her scientific progress exemplify her status as a Rising Star at the University of Kentucky.”

WIMS Rising Star (residents, fellows, and post-docs): Dr. Sara Klinger

This award recognizes and promotes the accomplishments of women who are in their post-graduate training.
Dr. Sara Klinger is a third year resident in Internal Medicine and will serve as chief resident next year upon graduation.  Dr. Klinger co-founded a cardiology journal club for internal medicine residents to discuss landmark cardiology trials. She has published two articles in the Journal of American College of Cardiology and served as moderator for the Midwest Women in Cardiology Symposium.  She also mentors medical students as they navigate potential careers in internal medicine and cardiology.  Dr. Katie Twist writes, Dr. Klinger “has honestly astounded me with her personal drive, clinical and research skill, as well as her ability to mentor and lead others and bring out the best in them. She is definitely in the top 5% of the residents I have worked with.”