2020 WIMS Awards

WIMS Leadership Award: Dr. Susanne Arnold

Dr. Arnold is a Professor of Internal Medicine in the Division of Hematology and Oncology. She serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Translation of Markey Cancer Center and Buck-Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Chair. She has mentored numerous junior faculty through her leadership in the Markey Clinical Trials Boot Camp, has over 90 publications, and has served on many national committees including the SWOG Lung Cancer Committee, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, CRAB Clinical Trials Consortium, and NCI Investigational Drug Steering Committee to name a few. Dr. Kathleen O’Connor writes, “Dr. Arnold is a priceless gem for those of us in Kentucky that work with her, depend on her for patient care, and/or are mentored by her. Without her leadership, the Markey Cancer Center would not be the quality institution it is today and our achievement of NCI-designation would be in jeopardy.”

WIMS Mentorship Award: Dr. Donna Wilcock

Dr. Wilcock is a Professor of Physiology and serves as the Assistant Dean for Biomedicine. She is a Sweeney-Nelms Professor in Alzheimer’s Disease Research.  One of her students wrote, “What makes Donna an amazing mentor is that she is not trying to make us and our career choices mirror her. She is allowing us to become the individual scientists we are meant to be.” Dr. Maj-Linda Selenica writes, “It seems that Donna’s mentorship is instinctive and knows no borders. She always reaches out to ask how things are going. At its core, the purpose of mentorship is to advise and deliver support when someone needs it, advocate and always keep the mentee’s best interest in mind. At least this is what I think when I think of a great mentor, and that is Donna.”

WIMS Rising Star (Medical and PhD students): Lyndsay Young
Lyndsay is a Graduate Research Assistant in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, currently a trainee in the Gentry laboratory and has authored or co-authored 9 papers thus far in her short career and has won several awards for her scientific work.  She serves as the Chair of the Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Outreach Committee and the President of the Graduate Student Organization.   Dr. Matthew Gentry writes, “Lyndsay’s passion for science, work ethic, mastery of class work, excellence at the bench, and dedication to outreach all indicate that she encompasses the type of candidate that should be recognized.  Lyndsay is one of those rare individuals who does not come around often. She has enormous potential, and she will continue to be a leader among her peers.”


WIMS Rising Star (residents, fellows, and post-docs): Dr. Michelle Abou-Jaoude

Dr. Abou-Jaoude is currently a fellow in vitreoretinal surgery and she completed her ophthalmology residency at UK. She has presented lectures and research at several national meetings and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed manuscripts.  She has also created and mentored multiple research teams including residents and medical students.  Dr. Claire Fraser writes, “Dr. Abou-Jaoude is an insightful physician-scientist who is always ready to consider a clinical question from another angle. Her knowledge, research skills, surgical acumen, and effort far surpass that of any fellow I have encountered. She is truly a ‘Rising Star.’”