2018 WIMS Awards

WIMS Travel Awards
Two travel award winners attended the AAMC Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar this past spring and summer.  This was awarded to a male or female faculty member who serves as a mentor and role model for the UK COM women.  The Early Career recipient went to Dr. Asha Senoi, associate professor of pediatrics.  The Mid-Career recipient was Dr. Kristy Deep, associate professor of internal medicine. 
Together with the Office of Biomedical Education (OBE), WIMS co-sponsored a travel award for a post-doctoral scholar to attend the National Postdoctoral Association Meeting. The recipient of this award was Dr. Stephanie Davis from the department of neurology.

Nominees for the 2018 WIMS Awards with Dr. Deborah German and Dean Robert DiPaola M.D. (right):

WIMS Leadership Award
Dr. Meriem Bensalem-Owen is a Professor of Neurology and serves as the medical director for the epilepsy program at UK.  She also serves as the director for the epilepsy fellowship training program.  Dr. Ebong writes, “Dr. Bensalem is a phenomenal physician, teacher, mentor and friend. In her short career, she’s overseen the epilepsy division’s growth to one of the top in the region in terms of innovative therapies and patient safety.” Dr. Hilary Long states, “She is a selfless leader who always puts others first. She has the biggest heart, and even when she has ten other things going on, she is always available when anyone needs her.”

WIMS Mentorship Award
Dr. Carrie Oser serves as the Associate Chair in the Department of Sociology as well as the associate director of the Center for Health Equity Transformation.   She is also the Interim Associate Dean for Research in the College of Arts and Sciences. Amanda Bunting writes, “Dr. Oser is an invaluable resource who cultivates academic and career success.  She does not hoard her success but is a collaborative scholar publishing with both faculty and students from colleges across the university.  Dr. Oser is committed to enhanced collaboration and productive relationships and consistently bridges department and college divides.  When I set my own goals and imagine success, I envision Dr. Carrie Oser. I know that she is dedicated to my success, and her mentoring is invaluable to me as well as many academics and professionals.”

WIMS Rising Star Award (Pre-doctoral)
Nika Larian, Graduate Research Assistant in Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences. Nika is currently a trainee on the NIEHS-funded Superfund Basic Science Research Grant.  She has served as president of the nutritional sciences and pharmacology student association and volunteers her expertise for several community groups including Food Chain Lex, Better Bites, and Tween Nutrition and Fitness.  Dr. Lisa Cassis writes, “She is incredibly active serving as a role model, blogging on nutrition and fitness, and living what she researches. She is a rising star and has the talent and capabilities to achieve much in research and education.”   

WIMS Rising Star Award (Post-doctoral)
Dr. Julie Shelton, junior chief cardiology fellow. She completed her internal medicine residency at UK prior to starting her fellowship.  Dr. Susan Smyth writes, “She is without a doubt, one of the best fellows I have had the pleasure of working with at UK. She is a person of extraordinary dedication, hard work and responsibility.  On a daily basis, Dr. Shelton goes above and beyond what is required and exemplifies excellence.”