2017 WIMS Awards

WIMS Travel Awards
Our two travel award winners attended the University of Michigan Leadership Summit in the Spring of 2017. The Early Career Travel Award went to Dr. Katie Twist, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine. The Mid-Career Travel Award went to Dr. Cynthia Talley, Associate Professor in Trauma Surgery.

WIMS Leadership Award
Dr. Hollie Swanson is a Professor of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences and Director of the Women's Executive Leadership Development Program. Dr. Swanson has a distinguished career publishing in top journals and serves on multiple advisory and review boards at regional and national levels. She also serves as the Director of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programs in Pharmacology and Environmental Health Sciences where underrepresented Appalachia students are provided unique research exposures thanks to NIH funding she acquired. Dr. Kristine Lohr states, “Dr. Swanson is an innovative educator and champion of women faculty, trainees, and students.” Dr. Elizabeth Head writes, “In support of women’s careers, Dr. Swanson is truly exceptional. As the Director of WELD, she also serves as an example herself, of what outstanding leadership involves.  What is unique about her leadership is by virtue of exposing our group to the leaders at UK, she is providing us with opportunities to not only meet the leadership but also for the leadership to meet us.  This is to me one of the most important qualities of a leader – to elevate those around her.” 

WIMS Mentorship Award
Dr. Lisa Tannock serves as the Division Chief of Endocrinology and Molecular Medicine as well as the Vice Chair of Internal Medicine. She is also the associate director of the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center, associate editor of the journal Atherosclerosis, and editor in chief for the Endocrine Self-Assessment Program.  Dr. Lisa Cassis writes, “She is a mentor to many, not just junior investigators and trainees, but to senior basic scientists such as myself. She has been instrumental in helping junior faculty as well as senior investigators in competing effectively for grants and contracts.  Her reach is broad, and her impact is also broad. A strong physician scientist, organized and capable leader, and basically the glue that brings people together and keeps them engaged.”

WIMS Rising Star Award (Pre-doctoral)
Chelsea Barrett is a Graduate Research Assistant in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Chelsea received her undergraduate degree in chemistry while playing collegiate volleyball and following graduation pursued a job working for PPG, an industrial paint company where she worked for 3 years.  After acceptance into the Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD program, she joined the lab of Dr. Rebecca Dutch where she currently works. She serves as co-creator and current elected president of the College of Medicine biomedical graduate student organization. She also is part of the trainees in research advisory committee where she acts as the graduate student representative. Tyler Kinder, fellow graduate research assistant in Dr. Dutch’s lab, writes, “Chelsea has demonstrated countless acts of leadership and professional excellence and serves as a role model for her colleagues in both scientific and non-scientific aspects of her professional career.”  

WIMS Rising Star Award (Post-doctoral)
Dr. Kristin Hoffman, PGY-3 anesthesiology resident. A graduate of WVU and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus, Dr. Hoffman was awarded the Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health award during medical school.  As a resident, she has been noted to have superb anesthetic plans that are executed flawlessly.  She is considerate of other colleagues and patients staying late even when not on call and forms bonds with patients even in the suspicion of medical error putting the patient’s interests above her own.  Dr. Robert Gaiser writes, “Dr. Hoffman epitomizes a resident who has mastered the core competencies of patient care, communication, professionalism, and medical knowledge. I have been involved in graduate medication education for 24 years as a teacher, program director, and chair.  In my opinion, Dr. Hoffman represents the ideal resident in that she is bright and hardworking, extremely professional and serves as a wonderful role model not just for the residents, but also for the faculty.”


Dr. Lisa Tannock (left), Chelsea Barrett (middle) and Dr. Kristin Hoffman (right), after receving their WIMS awards.

Dean Robert DiPaola M.D. (middle) with the nominees for the 2017 WIMS Awards.