Welcome from our Chair

In July 2020, April R. Hatcher, PhD, began her two-year term as Chair.  Dr. Hatcher is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience.

My Vision
I believe WIMS should be an avenue for women at all stages of their careers to transform their working environments into places that acknowledge, sponsor, and grow one another in a mutually generous synergistic community.  These goals call for women to devote time to this organization, to seek out connections, share guidance, and encourage others to invest in our cause.  A thriving community ensures that everyone feels valued and empowered to give back.  In the next two years, I would like to see WIMS expand their reach within the College of Medicine and among the healthcare colleges.  I value collaboration as a key element for growth. It is a guiding principle for my leadership style and preferred way to approach projects. I appreciate the input of the participants and believe together we can excel. I believe that the most flourishing organizational environments look for ways to involve people with their passions and to edify in ways that speak to their personal strengths. I want people to do what they love and feel they are making the greatest impact possible.  I enjoy cultivating cross-disciplinary strengths and exploring opportunities for innovation. I will encourage reaching out to fellow health colleges by meeting with the administrators to understand their needs and assets. I look forward to working with WIMS over the next two years to expand our reach and to cultivate a thriving professional network for women in the College of Medicine.

April R. Hatcher, PhD

Associate Professor 

Department of Neuroscience