WIMS - Chat with Dr. Nanette Wenger

Sep 6 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
CTW 317A
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Women in Medicine and Science
Roundtable discussion

Dr. Nanette Wenger will present at IM Grand Rounds as an invited guest of the Gill Heart & Vascular Institute as part of the 2nd Annual Horan-Flowers Lectureship.

Dr. Wenger is an icon in the field of cardiology and medicine and has been a pioneer for so much that we take for granted today. Single-handedly started the discipline of Women’s Heart Disease when everyone thought this was a problem only for men. She fought to desegregate Grady Hospital in the 1950s. And – when asked what would she like to have differently, with everything that she faced in her career – her response was “more time”.

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